Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection

Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection
Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection

Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection : –  

Dhruva Sarja is coming to entertain audience in theatres with his lates film Bharjari. The movie has got some critical applause from the audiences with the trailer and songs. The positive response lead audience attracted towards the theatres. The movie hit the theatres today and is going well. Dhruva Sarja needs a hit to get on in the industry and the makers are confident as well. Bharjari is an Indian Kannada romance film written and directed by Chethan Kumar. Dhruva Sarja and Rachita Ram are playing the main lead roles along with P. Ravi Shankar, Sudha Rani, Sai Kumar, Jahangir, Sudharani are seen in supporting roles in this movie. The movie is jointly produced by R. Srinivas and Sreekanth K.P While V. Harikrishna scored music for this movie.

Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Bharjari 1st Day Box Office Collection: –    06 Cr.

Bharjari 2nd Day Box Office Collection: –    08 Cr.

Bharjari 3rd Day Box Office Collection: –    09.50 Cr.

Bharjari 4th Day Box Office Collection: –    05 Cr.

Bharjari 5th Day Box Office Collection: –    04.50 Cr.

Bharjari 6th Day Box Office Collection: –   04 Cr.

Bharjari 7th Day Box Office Collection: –   03.50 Cr.

Bharjari 8th Day Box Office Collection: –   03.20 Cr.

Bharjari 9th Day Box Office Collection: –   03.40 Cr.

Bharjari 10th Day Box Office Collection: –   03.60 Cr.

Bharjari 11th Day Box Office Collection: –   02.50 Cr.

Bharjari 12th Day Box Office Collection: –   02.20 Cr.

Bharjari 13th Day Box Office Collection: –   01.70 Cr.

Bharjari 14th Day Box Office Collection: –   01.30 Cr.

Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection: –   01 Cr.

Total Box Office Collection: –     59.40 Cr.

Bharjari is a romantic action drama which revolves around the life of an easy going youngster named Surya, whose life takes some unexpected turns thanks to the three women he meets along the way. The emotions and the plots that he comes across while handling each and everything is the crux of the story.

Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection
Bharjari 15th Day Box Office Collection

The Performance of Dhruva Sarja is the one which we have to talk about in the movie. The director has taken Dhruva into another level of his acting and made the movie a decent watch. The three lead actresses has done their part for the roles. The other supporting cast like Saikumar, Ravi Shankar have given their best to fulfil the roles. The movie has got a routine story which was shown in different way.

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