Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection
Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection : –  

Popular actor Sanjay Dutt, is making his comeback with the release of Bhoomi, and the movie has been getting some positive reviews from both celebs as well as the critics. The film is releasing in theatres on Friday, 22 September. In this film, Sanjay Dutt Plays a single doting dad in the revenge drama, begs for forgiveness from his daughter with folded hands. It is jointly produced by film – maker Omung Kumar, Bhushan Kumar and Sandeep Singh. Recently, the film has completed censor formalities and bagged a U/A certificate. The script has been penned by Sandeep Singh. Film’s Music is given by Sachin – Jigar (songs) Ismail Darbar (background score), Cinematography is handled by Artur Zurawski & Edited by Jayesh Shikarkhane. A Special screening of the film was held in Mumbai, and it has already been released in some parts of the Gulf.

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection : – 

The story of Bhoomi starts in Agra, where the makers decide to start the movie with visuals of a girl getting Kidnapped. Cut to the scene where Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hydari) is seen dancing on a wedding song with her fiancé Neeraj (Sidhant Gupta). Bhoomi lives with her father Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay Dutt) – who owns a shoe store in the city. Along with being selling shoes Arun also sells some rotten jokes on drinks with his whiskey – buddy Taj (Shekhar Suman). It takes not more than a single time to guess what a man named Taj living in Agra could be? It you haven’t guessed already, he’s a tour guide.

All’s well in the life of these innocent people until we knoe Bhoomi has a one – sided lover. Vishal, who by the way, is also a relative of Dhauli (Sharad Kelkar)  – a famous don of an infamous area. Now, the already dragged film takes a turn and Bhoomi gets raped. Like all revenge dramas, the film also is full of vengeance. Rest of the film revolves around the life of a rape victim Bhoomi who’s father is furious Sanjay Dutt.

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection
Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection

The movie revolves around the story of a father and a daughter who struggle to get justice for the sins that people did against the duo. The fight of a girl and her father is against some powerful people, who do everything possible to destroy them, after raping her. The movie show the way a father fights for his daughter and his anger, roar and desperation is well highlighted in Sanjay Dutt’s character.

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection : –  

Bhoomi 1st Day Box Office Collection: –    11 Cr.

Bhoomi 2nd Day Box Office Collection: –    13 Cr.

Bhoomi 3rd Day Box Office Collection: –     15 Cr.

Bhoomi 4th Day Box Office Collection: –     06 Cr.

Bhoomi 5th Day Box Office Collection: –    04.50 Cr.

Bhoomi 6th Day Box Office Collection: –    03.50 Cr.

Bhoomi 7th Day Box Office Collection: –   02.70 Cr.

Bhoomi 8th Day Box Office Collection: –   02 Cr.

Bhoomi 9th Day Box Office Collection: –   01.80 Cr.

Bhoomi 10th Day Box Office Collection: –   02 Cr.

Bhoomi 11th Day Box Office Collection: –   02.20 Cr.

Bhoomi 12th Day Box Office Collection: –   01 Cr.

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection: –   0.80 Cr.

Total Box Office Collection: –    65.50 Cr.

The biggest lesson script of this movie taught me is if you want to direct a revenge drama – make sure you have a sensible story. Omung Kumar manages to waste the talent of stellar leads in Sanjay Dutt & Aditi Rao Hydari. An illogical sequence after another holds together an uninteresting script. You just can’t feel the pain makers want to show on screen. Forced humour, unfelt sorrow, artificial love – Bhoomi falls flat in every sector. Showing stereotyped Policemen, baseless argument in court, a shoe seller truning hulk – makers never settle with one unsound scene, it’s continuous process.

I Know the movie has Sanjay Dutt but I’ll mention the name of Aditi Rao Hydari first. She’s the only good thing about the movie. She aces her part but unfortunately is hit by the bad story. She is adorable & you feel for her rather than her situation. Sanjay Dutt as a furious father does well but again is overshadowed by the story.

Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection
Bhoomi 13th Day Box Office Collection

Bhoomi is a story which never should’ve been made at the first place. Alas! Damage has been done now, my only hope with this film is it’ll be a lesson for people who want to execute a story like this. Miss this one, please! Watching Bhoomi after Kingsman: The Golden Circle is exactly the situation everyone feels who visits a local train after Metro.

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  1. Bhoomi blockbuster movie hai itni achi movie ko kaun bad bol rha hai atleast tubelight or jab hary Met sejal jaisi disappointed movie so to lakh guna achi movie h baba we always Love you

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