Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection : –

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection
Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Hrithik Roshan’s latest film Kaabil has been one of his most anticipated projects in recents times. Blame it on its plot or great performances, it has been one of the most awaited films for cinemas in months and adding to the craze is Kaabil’s big clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Kaabil, which chose to release a day before the Republic Day, saw its first challenge when SRK’s film also got scheduled the same day. Nevertheless, the Roshans refused to budge and went ahead with the clash.

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Hrithik has always called Kaabil an important film for him. 2016 wasn’t quite a great year for the star as his Mohenjo Daro bombed. Though Raees is earn between Rs. 21-22 Crore on Day One, Kaabil looks to collect more than Mohenjo Daro due to occupancy. This means, even in Kaabil doesn’t surpass Raees’ opening day numbers, it will surely do better than Mohenjo Daro. This weekend’s romantic action thriller film Kaabil has an average opening in India. Going by the trade estimates, Kaabil 1st Day Collection will be in the range of 8-9 Crore. These are only trade estimates and the Official numbers may vary. Also, check out Kaabil collection report for the opening day.

When they get hitched, visually-impaired couple Rohan Bhatnagar (Hritik) and Supriya Sharma (Yami) light up each other’s lives. Unfortunately their dark world goes topsy-turvy when Supriya is raped and Rohan finds the policemen playing blind’s man’s bluff. Leaving him with no choice, but to take the law into his own hands. Revenge is a dish best served blind is the message Kaabil serves up. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood’s Blind Fury (1989) with Rufger Hauer in the lead and even borrowing shades of the Korean super hit, Broken (2014), Sanjay Gupta gives you a Bollywood adaptation that is entertaining and effective.

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection
Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection

The film opened to 25% occupancy in the morning shows and then picked up in the noon shows to record 35% occupancy. However, from afternoon onwards there was a good upward trend at the metros which are considered to be Hrithik Roshan’s stronghold. Though multiplexes improved later but still they were way below the mark as compared to Raees. It only had a good run down South where Kaabil 1st Day Collection will be better in a couple of circuits.

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Kaabil 1st Day Box Office Collection: –        9 – 10 Cr.

Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection: –       18.67 Cr.

Kaabil 3rd Day Box Office Collection: –        9.50 Cr.

Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection: –       13.50 Cr.

Kaabil 5th Day Box Office Collection: –       16 Cr.

Kaabil 6th Day Box Office Collection: –       06.74 Cr.

Kaabil 7th Day Box Office Collection: –       06.10 Cr.

Kaabil 8th Day Box Office Collection: –      05.70 Cr.

Kaabil 9th Day Box Office Collection: –      05.25 Cr.

Kaabil 10th Day Box Office Collection: –     06.40 Cr.

Kaabil 11th Day Box Office Collection: –     08.30 Cr.

Kaabil 12th Day Box Office Collection: –    11.52 Cr.

Kaabil 13th Day Box Office Collection: –     03.00 Cr.

Kaabil 14th Day Box Office Collection: –     03.05 Cr.

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection: –     02.70 Cr.

Total Collection of Kaabil Movie: –          126.77 Cr.

Kaabil received stiff competition from Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Raees. That film was better promoted and has higher star value. It was also more commercial and mass oriented while Kaabil was more looking like a content film. It has hampered Kaabil box Office collection big time. But Hrithik starrer can come back big time as word of mouth will come into play tomorrow.

Kaabil box Office Collection is an average result on its day 1. Though we can say that it will not be one-sided clash like Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro as Kaabil has better reports and the word of Mouth also seems to be better. Kaabil 1st day Collection will also be lower than Mohenjo Daro. But here the clash has turned out to be one-sided due to the star power of Shah Rukh Khan. Not it needs an excellent word of mouth to survive at the box Office.

Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection
Kaabil 15th Day Box Office Collection

There is a National holiday tomorrow which will boost Kaabil collection. But the thing is that it should have better jump than Raees as it will indicate a good trend. Friday trend will decide then the final outcome of both films.

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