Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection
Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection : –  

After scoring super hit movie with English Vinglish (2012), ace actress Sridevi is on the silver screen with “Mom”, which is releasing worldwide on Friday, July 7th. The Film garnered a massive buzz with intriguing trailer and posters. The film is the suspense thriller, directed by Ravi Udyawar and produced by Boney Kapoor, Sunil Manchanda, Mukesh Talreja, Naresh Agarwal and Gautam Jain under the Banner, MAD Films and Third Eye Pictures.

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Mom is Sridevi’s 300th film and is being released in the 50th years of her film career. Apart from Sridevi, The movie also stars Zawazuddin Akshaye Khanna, Abhimanyu Singh and Pitobash Tripathy in Key roles. Music for the film is being scored by A.R. Rahman. The film has been simultaneously released in four Languages (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi). Recently, the film has been cleared by the Censor Board without no cuts and got UA Certificate.

Mom is about a mother named Devki (Played by Sridevi) a school Teacher. She is the loving wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters, but her elder daughter, Arya (Sajal Ali) is from her husband’s (Adnan Siddiqui) first wife. Arya has not accepted Devki as her mother, but for Devki, Arya is not less than her own daughter. One Night Arya goes for a party and unfortunately gets raped. The incident changes the life of the entire family. The case goes to the court, but when the law fails. What will Devki do in such a situation? And How she takes revenge forms the rest of the story.

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection
Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection

The film already got the pre-release hype with trailer and first look posters. In this film, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays a crucial role in the film. The actor looks almost unrecognisable with protruding teeth in a semi-bald look. A dialogue in the film explains that God isn’t omnipresent, and hence he created mothers. But the mother in this film is prepared to battle with Beelzebub, if he were to as much as niggle with her offspring.

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection : – 

Mom 1st Day Box Office Collection: –       08.50 Cr.

Mom 2nd Day Box Office Collection: –     10 Cr.

Mom 3rd Day Box Office Collection: –      12 Cr.

Mom 4th Day Box Office Collection: –      08 Cr.

Mom 5th Day Box Office Collection: –      06 Cr.

Mom 6th Day Box Office Collection: –     04.20 Cr.

Mom 7th Day Box Office Collection: –     02 Cr.

Mom 8th Day Box Office Collection: –    01.90 Cr.

Mom 9th Day Box Office Collection: –   02.20 Cr.

Mom 10th Day Box Office Collection: –   02.50 Cr.

Mom 11th Day Box Office Collection: –   01.70 Cr.

Mom 12th Day Box Office Collection: –    01.50 Cr.

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection: –   01.30 Cr.

Total Box Office Collection: –        61.80 Cr.

Don’t mess with a daughter and if you do, be prepared to face her mother. Sridevi as Devaki is not the helpless mother of Hindi movies of earlier times who would wail and sob and plead to the culprit “ Bhagwan ke liye meri beti ko chood do”. She is the 21st century Mom, who is loving and caring but not helpless. She is love and kindness personified in one moment but can turn into Maa Durga the very next to fight the demons of society and protect her children. This is the mom who doesn’t hesitate to punish her daughter’s rapist and stands as an inspiration in a country like our where a girl is raped by some wolves openly in the public and other take the sheer pleasure of filming the video and sharing it on social media.

Sridevi shows that she is one of the finest actors Bollywood has ever produced and can be proud of. The veteran actress carries the entire film on her shoulders and how. Nobody could have essayed Devaki than her I feel. Akshaye Khanna impresses as the tough crime branch cop. I wonder why he doesn’t work in more films.

Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection
Mom 13th Day Box Office Collection

Mom is a pretty decent revenge drama which has stunning emotions at regular intervals. We need more Mom like Devaki to protect our daughters in a society which is Not safe for women and a paradise for rapists.

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