How to Prepare for Delhi Police Constable Exam

How to Prepare for Delhi Police Constable Exam : –

How to Prepare for Delhi Police Constable Exam : – 

Thousands of Candidates apply for the job of Delhi Police Constable every year. However, most of the students are under-prepared and do not know how to go about it. Public Sector offers excellent job opportunities but there is a very tough completion. Government jobs also offer higher job satisfaction and are more secure. Sometimes hundreds of thousands of people apply for the limited posts. In order to enhance your chances of getting through the exam, the candidates need to prepare well. Here is how the candidates can prepare for Delhi Police Constable Exam.

How to Prepare for Delhi Police Constable Exam : – 

Selection Process: –     Before you apply for the Police Constable exam, it is extremely important to understand the selection procedure. By understanding the procedure you will be able to figure out the right way to do the preparation. There are many steps and phases of the exam and being in the know of them will give you the right direction.

The syllabus for Delhi Police Constable Exam is available online. It would be a great idea to download it on your computer. You can also get the syllabus from the general book shops.

There are basically three phases of the exam as follows: –

  • Written Exam: – Here you need to prepare for general knowledge and current affairs, numerical ability and reasoning.
  • Physical Standard Test or PST
  • Physical Endurance Test or PET

How to Prepare for Delhi Police Constable Exam : – 

Syllabus: –   Over is only a brief overview of the syllabus. However, the candidates who are serious about this exam must do the detailed study of the syllabus to understand what kind of questions they will be subjected to in the exam. Also, there are various aspects of physical examination that the candidates must be aware of.

For instance, for the written exam, reasoning is a broader subject. But, it encompasses many other subtopics. You need to know about each topic and how to prepare for it. There are up to 20 subtopics for reasoning alone that you need to learn and practice.

Time Based Preparation: –     It is extremely important to create the time based goals for the preparation. Remember that you will not have all the time in the world to prepare for the exam. You have to cover a lot of subjects and topics within a few months. So, you need to make sure that you prepare within the stipulated timeline.

The best way to do that would be to make a list of the all subjects and topics first. Give a due date to each main subject (General Knowledge/ Current Affairs, Numerical Ability and Reasoning). For each subject, assign deadlines to the subtopics. Keep a daily track of your achievements.

Course Materials: –        It is also extremely important to have all the course materials ready before you start the preparation. Make an exhaustive list of everything you will need and make sure you have it all in your study room. Organize the material properly so that you don’t have to rummage through it looking for something in particular.